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Carpet & Floor Covering and Installation

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Carpet and floor coverings MUST be handled through your respective campus Facility Department.  Click on the link for your campus to find department contact information and specific guidelines.

Contractors who install carpet and floor coverings on University property must have a current certificate of insurance on file with UM Procurement. Contact UM Procurement before proceeding with installation.

Building & Construction Materials

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Building materials and supplies should be purchased from a contracted supplier through Show Me Shop whenever possible. 

Purchases outside of Show Me Shop less than $5,000 may be purchased using the University One Card. Purchases between $5,000 and $10,000 require a PeopleSoft Requisition. Purchases over $10,000 require competitive quotes, or written bid requests with detailed specifications prepared by UM Procurement. 

Asbestos Abatement

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All disposal of materials containing asbestos shall be coordinated through the appropriate campus Environmental Health & Safety office to comply with Federal and State restrictions for handling, containerization, and burial in approved sanitary landfill locations.

Contact your respective campus Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Department listed for information on how to handle removal, use or maintenance of asbestos materials. 

Select the appropriate campus above for information specific to your campus.

Elevator Equipment, Supplies and Services

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Elevator service for campus buildings is coordinated by the Facilities Operations on each campus.  Elevator service for residence halls are handled by Department of Residential Life.

Contact the appropriate office for additional information.  Submit a PeopleSoft non-catalog requisition and attach any agreements, proposals, and/or quotes for review.

Select your location from the drop-down above for specific contact information.

Construction Services (not handled by Facilities)

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All construction, renovations or rehabilitation efforts must comply with all applicable laws, building codes, standards, regulations and labor agreements and shall be coordinated by the specific campus facility/operations department.

Insurance requirements – Any supplier who is performing work on University property MUST have a current certificate of insurance on file with UM Procurement. Contact UM Procurement before proceeding with any of this type of work.

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